24 Amazing Career Page Examples in 2024

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Lisa Gonzalez

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January 17, 2024

A well-crafted career page is essential for attracting the right employment candidates to your company. The career page is an invitation to potential candidates—it’s how companies express their culture, their expectations, and what the job offers. It sells the position, and when correct, clear information is included, companies see a huge shift in the quality of applicants. Let the recruiter rest—you can bring qualified, prepared candidates right to you with a killer career page.

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The question remains—where to begin? What kind of information should a company include? What kind of wording will get potential candidates excited? What about visual elements? It’s a lot to consider. Career page examples go a long way to helping answer these questions—and this is the motherlode.  

24 Career Page Examples We Love

These 24 well-designed and effective career pages drive engagement and connect companies with the best candidates. Take a deep dive through each one and see what makes them tick!


Ghost careers page

Ghost is an app that allows online creators to market their content more effectively and turn their audience into viable businesses. Ghost supports publishing, marketing, and more, but it’s their career page that deserves some attention.

The first thing to note about the Ghost career page is how clear it is, right from the beginning. They include their logo at the top, with a quick blurb about what they do. Ghost includes neutral, feel-good photos followed by screenshots of their work. They’re clear about what sets them apart, as well as what perks the job offers—with eye-catching icons accompanying each one. They also include four entire paragraphs about the kind of person they’re looking for, a listing of their open positions with links to in-depth pages regarding the job, as well as links to apply. 


Wise careers page

Wise is an international accounting firm that makes managing money across countries and currencies easy. They specialize in sending and spending abroad, boasting lower prices without hidden fees. 

Wise’s career page focuses on reviews from past and current employees (via Glassdoor and employee vlogs). This is a popular trend, as companies with happy employees are far more attractive to potential candidates. They include a prominent search box with drop-down menus to browse their open positions across several countries. Across the top of the page, they also include menu that links to their company story, blogs, and what it’s like to work there. These pages give a closer look at specific aspects of the company culture, with photos and perks. Everything is well-laid out and easily accessible!


Doist careers page

Doist provides productivity and communication apps—Todoist and Twist, respectively—to make working remotely easier. Their website features beautiful custom art in a very specific style, which makes the whole site feel connected. This extends to their careers page.

In the center of the career page is a very obvious button linking further down on the page to their open positions. The keystone feature, however, is their “perks” section. It’s separated into four categories, each with a few bullet points, outlining what they provide to employees. This breaks down the most vital information into attractive, concise sections. Better yet, Doist flexes a completely transparent hiring process, with links to their blog for applicants to get to know the company better.


InVision careers page

The InVision app allows teams to create mockups and templates simultaneously in real-time and is chock-full of useful tools built with designers in mind.

Their career page is in-your-face, in the best possible way. InVision spills their beans right away—they tell visitors precisely who they are and what they’re looking for in a big, bold way. In stark contrast to the greyscale background, their signature pink buttons make the information clear and the page easy to navigate. The different sections alternate between black and white backgrounds, and the most essential information is blocked-out with large font sizes. While there’s a lot of information, the clean, simple lines powerful usage of color, without any overcomplicated images, help drive visitors through the entire page with ease.

Recharge Payments

Recharge Payments careers page

As more companies turn to subscription models to maintain their customer base, subscription-based services are surging in popularity. With that in mind, Recharge Payments manages repeat transactions for companies. 

Their career page is friendly and inviting—their main message is wreathed with short videos of smiling faces at work. Right away, it’s obvious that it’s a kind place to work. Each section—from their story to their perks and benefits—are accompanied by images and graphics, all in coordinating colors. At the very bottom of the page, they list their open positions in drop-down menus organized by industry—from finance and engineering to marketing and sales. The whole page feels very cohesive, and their crystal-clear “open positions” section is the real showstopper.


Hubstaff careers page

As remote work becomes more common, companies like Hubstaff are invaluable. They offer a full suite of workforce management software, specializing in working remotely. 

The Hubstaff career page is draped in their signature shade of blue and shares similarities to the Recharge Payments page by featuring images of people that put a friendly face on the company. They include videos and images of company retreats, and also offer the same easy-to-use drop-down menu of available positions. What really stands out is their “team culture” section. On a slightly different background, accompanied with cute emojis, they outline exactly what kind of beliefs and behaviors they’re looking for in prospective candidates, with a heavy emphasis on teamwork.


Harvest careers page

Harvest is a time management software for teams—it can be integrated into tools companies are already using, helping to improve their efficiency.

Career page-wise, Harvest is a favorite. It’s informal and inviting, with a front-page-news style of boxes, packed with information. The whole page is concise and engaging, with a real-time ticker of how many hours businesses have tracked using their company. Their “current openings” section is set apart with an eye-catching background and their excellent perks are showcased with cute illustrations. Harvest utilizes their signature bright orange, sprinkling it into their mostly-monochrome page to draw the eye exactly where they want it. This one is a real winner!


Zapier careers page

Zapier allows companies to connect all the apps they already use and automate workflows—this frees up tons of time, allowing them to focus on what really matters.

“Community” is definitely the central focus of Zapier’s career page. They invite potential employees to “join them from anywhere” while including photos of their on-site team. They offer a clear section of benefits, including green checkmarks beside each—a huge benefit, as green is a powerful color to invoke positive feelings. What’s so special about Zapier’s career page is the “how we hire” portion: since they boast a non-traditional application and hiring process, they showcase it upfront. 


Chartmogul careers page

ChartMogul is an analytics software for subscription-based and “software as a service” businesses—they provide full-stack auditing and clear charts, allowing users to pinpoint weaknesses and grow their company. 

While the whole website is engaging and well-constructed, their career page is simple, elegant, and right to the point. The focus is on their open positions around the world, including remote positions—this sends a welcoming and encouraging message. The candidate expectations are brief and clear right away, making it known that they’re seeking high-energy team players.  


ConvertKit careers page

Another marketing tool for creators, ConvertKit helps creators market and sell their product—be it music, art, or books—completely online. 

Right away the ConvertKit career page really sells their identity—they explain the emphasis on a healthy work-life balance (which is mostly possible due to work being fully remote), and that the company is growing quickly, always making room for more talent. They use a gorgeous coral pink to bring the eye down through the page, encouraging visitors to keep scrolling and check out everything they have to offer—from enviable benefits and videos of their work retreats to their button linked to the best part of the page: “open positions”. Not only is it clear these are all remote jobs, each one has a blurb of expectations and responsibilities, all in one box. This means there’s no click-away to get more information!


Slite careers page

Still on the “remote work” trend, Slite provides a virtual workspace for remote teams, which allows team members to ask and answer questions, make plans and strategies, all in real-time.

The Slite career page is similar to some of the others, with a heavy focus on “joining the team”, including images of their current employees and a “meet the team” section. With a clear, engaging company policy and culture, as well as a concise overview of their benefits, Slite is reminiscent of most other career pages—however, a personal letter from the Slite CEO Christophe Pasquier is a wonderful touch. It sends the message that the employee experience matters, all the way to the top.


Hotjar careers page

Hotjar is a service that allows companies to see how users interact with their website—tracking user behavior allows companies to make improvements, based on what benefits their users want.

Hotjar’s career page opens with a picture of their team and an immediate introduction to the company culture. What sets Hotjar apart isn’t just the clear layout, inclusion of videos, and commitment to inclusivity, it’s the hiring process. The general recruitment and engineering recruitment processes are both outlined, clearly, showing an actionable map to the finish line.


Shogun careers page

Shogun is a custom eCommerce experience platform, allowing online sellers to create beautiful, dynamic virtual storefronts that help drive customer engagement. 

In a testament to their company’s service, their career page boasts the best of what they do—like engaging scrolling. It pauses users at pertinent information, ensuring that job seekers check out the things that matter most. Another keystone of their career page is a unique section—useful links to prepare applicants for their Shogun interview. This is absent in the career pages thus far, and expresses that Shogun is committed to the success of its employees. 


Unscreen careers page

For the growing streamer population, Uscreen offers all the features one would need to boost their viewership: apps, hosting, monetization, and other behind-the-scenes tools (like analytics). 

Much like other pages, their career page includes photos of their team, their benefits package, and their core values. Everything is clear and concise, as has been the established “norm”—but Uscreen sets itself apart in one of the most creative ways. Right away, they validate their position as a thriving company by including some vital statistics—their users, subscriber count, and how much their users have made while utilizing their service. This sends a message to applicants: they’re looking for disciplined, committed employees who are committed to growth. 

Help Scout

Helpscout careers page

Help Scout is an award-winning customer service team used by over 25,000 businesses. Their website boasts their clients—including major brands like Yeti and Honey. Help Scout’s entire website is committed to professionalism, and their career page follows that trend.

Everything is broken down into easy-to-digest sections—from the three portions of “how we work” to a “salary and benefits” section accompanied by cute, eye-catching icons. They also include a step-by-step hiring process, from the first video interview to the official job offer. This creates an accessible, measurable process for serious applicants, while discouraging applicants that aren’t committed to the whole process. 

Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive careers page

Want to do something awesome? It’s a question posed right away by this service, which offers a suite of software that boosts internet traffic and automates the “un-fun” stuff.

What’s really awesome is their career page: it’s uncomplicated and crisp, with clickable cards outlining their core values. They also do something very clever, that’s unique from most other pages—they introduce their perks and benefits in two sections. They boast the benefits of remote work, and then offer healthcare, PTO, parental leave, and hardware in a “but wait, there’s more” style. This gives the illusion of more perks, which draws interest, and then drops users right into their “open position” section. 


Podia careers page

Podia is a unique company that allows people to sell online courses, webinars, downloads, and more. They even offer digital marketing and custom website services.

Taking a look at Podia’s career page, one thing stands out first and foremost: they’re people-oriented, warm, and informal. With little quips and informal language (like “why you’ll love it here” under the “reasons to join us” portion), they set the tone for their comfortable, welcoming community right away. This continues into their “perks and benefits” section, which they’ve called “we take care of us”. Everything they offer to employees—like healthcare, therapy, and plenty of paid leave—comes with a short, informative blurb so potential employees can see what’s in store.


Robinhood careers page

While Robinhood has seen its fair share of controversy, this stock-trading app is well-known, and the career page boasts a top-notch workplace and experience (according to their Glassdoor, Great Place to Work, and LinkedIn awards and certifications).

With fun illustrations and bold use of color, Robinhood created an exciting and engaging career page. They include a section explaining how they invest in their employee’s health and wellbeing, including a luxury office environment for on-site employees. The best part: clickable cards with cute illustrations, explaining their values. They create an accessible environment for marginalized groups and people otherwise underrepresented in the tech field—something that may be attractive to minority, LGBT+, or combat veteran tech workers struggling to secure work elsewhere.



The Intercom website is so well-done. They specialize in communication, and the design and layout of their site expertly showcases their commitment to the craft. They even include a little automated messenger to answer FAQs, right on the homepage!

Their career page just oozes style and fun. They include dynamic, moving elements to set an energetic tone, and also include their “stats”—the Glassdoor approval, their growth, etc. Similar to the Slite career page, Intercom includes a note regarding growth from their CEO Karen Peacock. The section that steals the show, however, is a click-through scroll of their values. This keeps potential applicants engaged while also sharing what kind of attitude “the perfect candidate” would have.



Wistia is an easy-to-use video hosting service that also offers recording, search engine optimization, marketing, and more. 

The most powerful part of Wistia’s career page is the very first thing visitors see: they’re upfront about who they’re looking for, right away. A blurb in immediate view says they need “motivated, curious, and creative people who are super excited about transforming the way businesses use video to communicate.” This establishes a standard, and lets applicants know if they’re right for the position or not. They then go on to speak to their commitment to the employee, from health and wellbeing to diversity and inclusivity, and make special mention of Lenny, their beloved office dog!



The funky three-B spelling is just the beginning of the quirky, light-hearted, creative energy this site offers. Dribbble showcases artists and design professionals, helping to make connections that matter.

Because of the focus on art, their career page is a masterpiece. Well-laid-out with Dribbble’s signature pink and purple, the eye moves easily through all the vital information—culture, values, perks, and benefits. The most engaging part is, without a doubt, the center-aligned list of available positions in clickable pink links. Right from the career page, they give the industry/department and location, so applicants don’t have to click in just to see they’re in the wrong location. Between this and Harvest, they’re the obvious winners of this showcase.


Squarespace is a classy website builder that offers a variety of tools and resources for individuals and businesses to create their own websites.

Their careers page provides information on job openings, company culture, and benefits. The page begins by presenting current job openings, followed by an introduction to Squarespace's mission and values. Each job listing includes a concise yet informative description of the position, essential qualifications, and application guidelines.


DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform that provides developers and businesses with a simple, fast, and affordable way to deploy and manage their applications.

DigitalOcean's careers page starts by giving you the description on what they're all about: their mission, values, and culture. Then, you'll see a lot of job listings for different departments, like engineering, marketing, customer success, and product management. Each job listing will give you the details on what the position is all about, what you need to have to apply, and how to submit your application. Overall the page is buiult very professional and resembles the company image very well.


Bolt is a dynamic technology company that offers a range of services, including ride-hailing, food delivery, and micro-mobility solutions. If you're considering a career with Bolt, their careers page provides a comprehensive overview of what the company stands for and its unique culture. The page kicks off with a clear articulation of Bolt's mission, values, and overall work environment.

As you explore the careers section, you'll encounter a diverse array of job listings spanning various departments such as engineering, marketing, customer success, and product management. Each job listing is thoughtfully crafted, offering in-depth insights into the responsibilities of the position, the qualifications required, and guidance on how to seamlessly navigate the application process.

Just a Recap—Why these Career Pages Work

After checking out all 24 career pages, there’s still a lot to consider. Some are better than others, some elements are a matter of personal preference, but they all incorporate some combination of the “key features” needed for a great career page. These companies keep growing, and their career pages are—at least in part—to thank. When companies use the best tools to attract the best candidates, magic happens.

  • Clear and Concise: In all these pages, one theme reigns supreme—get to the point. There’s no fluff, there’s no lengthy pontification, they tell it like it is.
  • It’s Okay to Info-Dump: Every aspect of the career page should be informative. Packing in the information—hiring policies, attractive benefits, reviews from past and present employees, etc.—allows the company to curate the first snapshot potential candidates get. Giving potential applicants plenty of information to work with helps them determine if they’re right for the job (and vice-versa).
  • Layout Matters: The layout of the career page plays a huge role in securing qualified applicants. Like the Wistia page mentioned above: they were clear from the first moment who they were looking for. Putting open positions at the bottom of the page (which most of the pages do) requires potential applicants to view and consider every bit of information—meaning only the best, most committed ones get to the goods. 
  • Mobile Friendliness: As of 2020, mobile job applications surpassed desktop applications, and that number only continues to trend upward. Ensuring that your site—and career page—is mobile-friendly is a must. Be where the people are, and watch the applications roll in.
  • Cohesive Color Scheme: Color is vitally important to humans. It has profound impacts on psychology and can evoke powerful emotions. The color scheme and cohesion drastically change the tone of the whole site. Some of the career pages above used alternating pastel pinks, yellows, and violets to push passion. While others used deep blues to express calm professionalism. Harvest used a pumpkin orange to evoke happiness and energy. Use colors carefully.
  • The Personal Touch: Informal, comfortable, friendly tones engage people on an emotional level. Even if a company prides itself on professionalism, don’t be afraid to cut loose on the career page. A warm greeting and a personal note from a CEO (like Slite or Intercom) or team members (like many examples above) captivate people on the most vital level—human connection. 

With these examples and tricks of the trade, any company can create a well-crafted and powerful career page!

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