The Best Recruiting Solutions for Every Use 2024

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Lisa Gonzalez

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January 17, 2024

Since the advent of the internet, the world of recruitment has changed drastically. Newspaper ads don’t cut it anymore, so we’ve seen a push in recruitment on digital platforms over the past twenty years. This makes sense, as it’s much easier for both recruiters and jobseekers to find the roles and the applicants that they want, especially now as international boundaries are removed thanks to the rise of remote working.

That being said, recruiting in the digital age does have its challenges. Thankfullly, recruitment solutions can help HR teams and recruiters remove some of those obstacles and make recruitment much more streamlined. 

To aid that cause, below we give you an overview of the best recruiting solutions currently available, including Jobspage, so you can identify which best meets your business’s unique hiring requirements. 

What Are Recruiting Solutions?

Recruiting or hiring solutions are software programs and applications developed to streamline every aspect of the hiring process to make HR units more efficient and to provide an improved experience for hiring candidates. These solutions aim to optimize various aspects of the hiring process, from sourcing and attracting candidates to managing applications and facilitating efficient collaboration among hiring teams. Recruiting solutions can include applicant tracking systems (ATS), job boards, candidate sourcing platforms, interview scheduling tools, and other software applications that contribute to a more effective and organized recruitment workflow.

Why Are Recruiting Solutions Important

Recruiting solutions are important because they 

  • Accelerate candidate sourcing
  • Improve applicant tracking
  • Streamline reporting 
  • Enhance internal collaboration
  • Help to develop talent pools
  • Reduce hiring costs
  • Assist in forecasting future recruitment requirements

Criteria to Consider When Choosing Recruiting Solutions

There are a number of key criteria to consider when choosing a recruitment solution, including:

  • Ease of use: Recruitment solutions should be easy to use for both recruiters and candidates. Complexity will reduce the performance of recruiters and alienate applicants.
  • Scalability: Any solution you consider must be able to meet the demands of the planned growth for your business.
  • ATS: A recruitment solution must have robust applicant tracking features for greater efficiency and the development of a company talent pool.
  • Integration capabilities: Your chosen recruitment software must be able to integrate with your existing tech stack and widely used platforms.
  • Collaboration and communication features: Look for features such as shared calendars, email integration, interview scheduling tools, and candidate feedback mechanisms.

Best Recruiting Solutions

Key takeaways

  • Jobspage - the best recruiting software for startups and SMBs
  • Recruit CRM - the best solution for recruitment agencies
  • RECRU - the best value for money
  • Trakstar - the best solution for task automation
  • HiringThing - the best mobile solution

#1 Jobspage

Jobspage is a complete recruitment software solution that allows you to create careers pages, manage job postings, and track and maintain your applicants and talent pool all in one solution.

Relevant Features

Careers Page Builder 

With Jobpage’s careers page builder, you can create a branded careers page for your company, publish available vacancies, and invite candidates to submit applications. 

Applicant Resumes 

Jobpage’s applicant resume management features allow you to modify application forms to receive applicant resumes, contact details, motivation letters, and any other information needed to find the best candidates for your business.

Applicant Tracking System

Jobpage’s applicant tracking system enables companies to create a highly-organized hiring process and move applicants through the hiring stages whilst collaborating with other stakeholders to ensure a rigorous process that identifies the right candidates.


Jobspage comes with a Free version that allows up to three active job posts and 1 licensed user.

There are also two paid versions for businesses requiring greater resources.

The Startup version will give you up to 10 active job posts, unlimited team members, and additional customization options for $39/mo.

The Business version comes with everything you get in the Startup package but with 20 active job posts and the removal of all Jobspage branding.

Pros and Cons


  • Super simple to set up, and anyone can use it
  • Free version is excellent for new businesses that only require a few new hires at any one time
  • Has great scalability for startups and SMBs that start with the free version


  • Not suitable for large-scale/enterprise businesses
  • Limited customization on the free version

#2 Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is an end-to-end ATS + CRM system designed for recruitment companies & executive search businesses that’s currently used in over 100 countries across the world.

Relevant Features


With Recruit CRM customer relationship management software, you can manage all your candidate-focussed activities, including scheduling appointments, sending automatic emails, creating notes, and receiving client feedback on candidates all in one place.

Reports & Dashboards

From boolean search to radius search, Recruit CRM’s reports and dashboards provide access to key KPIs and candidate metrics to rapidly improve performance.

Process & Data Customizations

Recruit CRM offers Zapier integrations, Gmail, Outlook, and many more integrations to suit your recruitment and also comes with high customizations across its jobs pages, invoicing, and sales and pipeline features. 


Recruit CRM has three different paid pricing plans and no free version. 

Pro is the cheapest at $85/user/mo, which will give you:

Unlimited open jobs, job board posting, a fully integrated mailbox, 15 custom fields for each entity, Chrome sourcing extension, customizable dashboards, 10,000 contacts (per user), 10,000 candidates (per user), and 10,000 Companies (per user).

Business will give you everything in the Pro plan plus API access, phone calling & recording, custom roles & access control rules, and resume/CV formatting for $125/user/mo with double the number of contacts, candidates, and companies per user.

Enterprise gives you everything in the Business plan plus a wide range of additional customizations, unlimited training, and a dedicated server for $165/user/month

Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding customer service
  • Great UI and UX
  • Huge range of valuable features


  • Only suitable for recruitment companies and large enterprises
  • It’s expensive
  • Lacks integrations with some major platforms


RECRU is the all-in-one hiring solution built for both recruitment companies and internal HR functions that makes every step of the selection process, from talent sourcing to applicant tracking, easier and more effective.

Relevant Features

CV/Resume Parser

Replaces lengthy manual entry of data into spreadsheets with an AI solution. Recru’s resume parsing tool can scan large volumes of resumes, extract relevant data and create detailed candidate profiles in your database (which the AI will also continually build itself automatically).

LinkedIn Plugin

Recru’s AI-powered plugin will automatically check a candidate’s suitability for your open positions on LinkedIn and other social media platforms you instruct it to review.

Candidate Assessment

Recru comes with a range of selection tools from customized tests and pre-screening questionnaires to integrated psychometric tests that allow your HR/recruitment teams to rapidly identify those candidates who are suitable and those who are not. 


Recru has no free version and three paid pricing plans.

Starter gives you candidate CV screening and database access plus email for €39/user/mo.

Premium will give you everything in the Starter plan plus Document Management and other AI-driven features for €59/user/mo.

Pro will give you everything in the Premium plan plus additional integrations, CRM, and other features for €79/user/mo.

Pros and Cons


  • Strong automation of key processes
  • Powerful AI (particularly CV Parser)
  • Intuitive functionality


  • Lacks some analytical insights
  • Sometimes important features are not available (notifications)
  • Filter options could be better

#4 Trakstar

Trakstr from Mitratech is a complete talent management solution for HR functions. Their offering includes performance management, learning management, and workforce analytics, as well as its applicant tracking and hiring solution - Trakstar Hire.

Relevant Features

Candidate Sourcing Software

Trakstar Hire partners with high-traffic job boards where your postings will be seen by today’s top talent - With Trakstar Hire, you’ll be able to post across many of today’s top job boards, including Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, SimplyHired and many more. 

Applicant Tracking Software

Trakstar Hire’s applicant tracking gives you insights into sticking points, provides multiple touch points to understand where your hiring process is too slow, and streamlines communication between hiring managers, teams, and the candidates themselves.

Offer Management Software

Trakstar Hire helps automate processes so that you can go faster - Hire auto-populates information, fills in job descriptions, helps with scheduling, and you can automatically enroll your new hire in onboarding courses, set expectations and goals, and collect data about your hiring process. 


Trakstar pricing information is not made public but is available on request.

Pros and Cons


  • Provides access to a huge candidate base
  • Strong automation provides great efficiency
  • Easy integrations with G-suite and other widely used platforms and solutions


  • Common reports of client emails ending up in spam boxes
  • Reporting can be inefficient (sometimes requiring multiple Excel sheets)
  • No history for individual users

#5 HiringThing

HiringThing is an integrated recruiting platform that provides companies with a cloud-based private label Applicant Tracking System suitable for internal HR and recruitment teams as well as recruitment companies. 

Relevant Features

Job Requisition Workflows

HiringThing allows you to simplify the process of opening, approving, and posting job requisitions with JRWs. 

Applicant Ratings & Scorecards

Confidently share opinions and reduce bias in the process with multiple reviews and star ratings to rank your top talent.

Leverage Powerful Apps and Tools

HiringThing comes with a large library of integrated job boards, pre-assessment vendors, and background screening service providers.


HiringThing offers four monthly and annual subscription plan options.

• Start Plan at $27/month - includes up to 2 active jobs.

• Standard Plan at $90/month - includes up to 5 active jobs.

• Evolve Plan at $160/month - includes up to 10 active jobs.

• Pro Plan at $310/month - includes 30 active jobs.

Pros and Cons


  • Integrate seamlessly into company website
  • Plugs into WordPress which is great for many businesses
  • Ease of use


  • No free version
  • Platform API isn't particularly robust
  • Doesn't integrate with Google Jobs


Recruiting solutions are becoming a necessary component of all HR and recruitment teams. 

Because of this, you should really take the time to review the latest tools and solutions to identify which current solution will best fit your business needs and objectives.

If you are responsible for hiring in a non-recruitment business, you can try Jobspage totally free and discover how its breadth of functionality can usher in a new era of streamlined hiring processes for your business. 

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