LinkedIn Job Posting Cost 2024

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Lisa Gonzalez

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January 17, 2024

As the largest business-focussed social network in the world, job postings on LinkedIn are an extremely effective way of identifying top talent and candidates. 

50% of adults who have a bachelor’s or advanced degree in the US are LinkedIn users, and as of April this year, LinkedIn had 922.3 million members with 61 million of those members searching for a new job every week. 

For the remainder of this article, we’ll examine LinkedIn job posting costs and examine how recruitment software like Jobspage can optimize your recruitment activities on LinkedIn. Generally, prices can range from around $10 to $500 or more per job post, and premium features like targeted job promotion or access to a larger candidate pool may incur additional charges so it is very important to dive into details.

What is Linkedin Job Posting?

LinkedIn job posting enables recruiters and employers to advertise job positions on the world’s largest professional network. 

The profiles of LinkedIn members focus exclusively on their professional and academic backgrounds, making the platform ideal for talent sourcing

One of the best ways to augment your LinkedIn job posting is by having your own powerful careers section and job-listing capabilities.

With Jobspage you can build a flexible, customizable careers page and professional job listings in less than 5 minutes, and all for free. 

It also works as a complete Applicant Tracking System (ATS), allowing you to start building your own talent pool to secure the future of your business’s talent-sourcing needs. 


Why Is It Important To Know Your LinkedIn Job Posting Cost?

Here are three of the main reasons why you should know your LinkedIn job posting cost:

  1. Efficient budgeting: Only by knowing the cost of LinkedIn job postings can employers manage and allocate their hiring budget effectively.
  1. Cost comparison: Understanding LinkedIn job posting costs allows hiring teams to measure its value against alternative recruitment methods and platforms. 
  1. ROI assessment: Knowing this cost helps recruiters assess anticipated and actual ROI by tracking campaign and job-post metrics with which employers can evaluate the value and effectiveness of their investment.

How much does it cost to post a Job on LinkedIn?

Free Job Posts

First thing to know is that you can post a job position for free on LinkedIn, which will be visible in search results and to your connections, but it won’t come at the top of search results and you can only post one free job listing at a time. 

Promoted Job Posts

If you want your job post on LinkedIn to have better reach and higher placement in the search results, you need to opt for a Promoted Job Post (paid). 

To control your spending on promoted posts, there are two ways to set your budget:

  • Daily budget—Determine how much LinkedIn spends each day and cancel the promotion once you’re satisfied with the results (or reach your pre-determined maximum spend). The minimum daily budget is $5.
  • Total budget—Choose how much you’re willing to spend overall. LinkedIn will then calculate how many days the promotion will be active and cancel it automatically.

According to LinkedIn, by appearing at the top of search results, promoted posts get 3 x the views of free posts. Promoted posts also come with the benefits of additional alerts and  notifications and will also feature in the Job Recommendations of job seekers. 

What happens when you do promoted job posts

Promoted job posts are displayed to viable candidates in a number of different ways.

  1. Instant mobile notifications sent to candidates who are a good match.
  1. Top of search results - for any good matches and anyone searching for your job post on LinkedIn.
  1. Emails - Relevant candidates will receive emails that recommend job posts to apply to.
  1. LinkedIn feed - your job post will be visible to relevant candidates as a recommended job when they scroll through their LinkedIn feed.
  1. Jobs tab - Relevant candidates will see your job post on the “Recommended for you” section of the LinkedIn Jobs tab.

How Does Pricing Work for Promoted Job Posts?

There are two options for using promoted job posts on LinkedIn; the Self-Serve option or the Contract option.


With the self-serve option, you take day-to-day control of your job postings, your job adverts will be charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, and you can monitor your daily accrued charges with your account. 

The cost is determined algorithmically, based on such variables as where your job is located and how many competing, similarly titled posts have been created within that market. 

The cost of each click (clicks and views are one and the same) is determined by dividing the total spend amount by the number of views the job has received.


If you do not want to advertise using the self-serve model, you can opt for a 6–12 month contract with the option to accrue charges per qualified click. 

Whether or not a click is qualified is based on the targeting criteria set by you and which you have the option to amend throughout the duration of your contract.

How does LinkedIn Calculate the Cost-Per-Click?

As already mentioned, clicks and views are considered one and the same with LinkedIn-promoted posts which may lead to apparent discrepancies between the number of clicks and the final amount being charged.

You won’t be charged for viewing your own post, for multiple views from the same candidate, for views by LinkedIn employees, or for clicks from users who aren’t signed into LinkedIn.


While it is possible to list job postings for free on LinkedIn, Promoted Job Posts have a much greater reach and will be placed in front of a much larger audience of potential candidates than free listings.

LinkedIn job posting cost is primarily determined by how much competition there is for that job role within the same or similar industries.

Other factors that also influence the cost of a promoted job post include the type of role and the location of the position, but you will never be charged for views from LinkedIn employees or the person who posted the job.

You can choose to set either a total budget or a daily budget for your listing(s), and your job post will be automatically paused once you have exhausted our allocated budget. 

Having your own careers and job listing site can yield tremendous benefits to complement your LinkedIn job posts. Try Jobspage for free and have your own professional careers and applicant tracking system up and running in a matter of moments.

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