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Lisa Gonzalez

· Last updated on

April 6, 2023

You cannot build a successful business without a top-notch workforce. 

However, finding and hiring quality candidates can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. 

It requires HR software solutions like an applicant tracking system (ATS) that allows you to manage every stage of the hiring process. Here are some reasons you should consider Jobspage as your Greenhouse alternative.

What Makes Greenhouse so Popular?

Organization that chose Greenhouse for their HR software solution did so because of the vast array of features the platform provides. 

Key features available with the Greenhouse software include:

  • Candidate tracking
  • Onboarding automation
  • Customized data collection  
  • Candidate scorecards
  • Candidate experience surveys
  • And much more

Along with the program’s many key features, here are some reasons companies like yours choose Greenhouse as their HR software solution:

Defined Decision-Making Features

Employers need to find innovative methods to find potential employees online and offline. Structured hiring processes enable recruiting teams to know what they are looking for in a candidate before posting the position. 

These elements cover different phases of the recruitment process, from candidate search, resume review, candidate screening, and interviewing. The process begins with a role kick-off meeting, in which the recruiter and hiring manager define the successful candidate's business goals, talents, characteristics, and qualifications, along with roles and responsibilities. 

Custom Dashboards

Once companies have defined what they are looking for, they can post a position on Greenhouse. As a Greenhouse user, you have the option of copying from existing jobs, using a template job with predefined dashboard properties and a structured milestone plan, or starting from scratch with a blank position. 

You can then create a dashboard to ensure candidate evaluation consistency. Select characteristics to include in the scorecard, which you can group into skills, qualifications, personality traits, technical skills, and other details. 

As a user, you can also set up reminder notifications for reviewers to respond to on the dashboard at any stage. Throughout the interview phase, you can create a plan to confirm they checked the candidate's skills and that they reflect in the scorecard. 

After the interview, the user can send surveys to the candidates to rate their experiences up to that point.

Intuitive Report Builder Tool

One of the benefits of implementing Greenhouse is its easy-to-use reporting tools that enable recruiters to make data-driven decisions. These tools include a reporting dashboard so you can view icons for standard time to fill, standard time in the stage, and standard time to hire. 

Tabs also deliver other metrics like hires and offers, sourcing, and recruiting efficiency. Besides predefined reports, Greenhouse authorizes users to build their own reports or create reports from templates. 

When using a template, users can choose from native reports, then apply filters to tailor them to their needs. Likewise, one can generate reports from scratch by selecting a category and then applying filters to make desired changes.

Large Integration System

Greenhouse works with a vast array of applications, providing integration tools, work distribution, selection tools, and sourcing, to name a few. Integration means employee information gets synchronized between the software and your existing systems. 

Also, hiring managers can automatically schedule interviews through the Calendly integration. In addition, with Salary Scale integration, you can view salary reports directly from the new job setup process in Greenhouse.

Downsides to Greenhouse HR Software

While the features and benefits listed above are why many organizations choose Greenhouse, they are also the reasons that some smaller companies don’t find it to be the best HR software solution. They make the program seem “clunky,” for lack of a better word. It also contributes to the higher costs of the program.

Why Jobspage is the Best Greenhouse Alternative 

Jobspage is an ATS that is easy to use and affordable no matter the size of your organization. Companies with limited budgets and staff understand how important it is to find a solution that delivers the best features. These features must help your HR team to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently.

If you use Greenhouse and need a viable alternative without sacrificing many of the must-have features of that program, consider Jobspage. Here's why organizations are opting for Jobspage as the best Greenhouse alternative:  

Easy-to-Use Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Regardless of how big your company is or how many employees you want to hire, you need a user-friendly ATS.  Your company's ATS should notify you of new applicants and track their progress through the hiring process. 

With Jobspage's applicant tracking platform, you can keep track of prospects easily and move them through every phase of the hiring process. Jobspage also allows you to collaborate with your HR team to find the best candidates. 

Branded Career Pages 

Your careers page is an essential page on your website. It is where applicants can learn more about your organization and your vacancies. Without a careers page, you are losing out on opportunities to attract top talent. Easily create a branded career page that delivers all the information job seekers need through Jobspage.

Customized Application Forms 

When searching for a type of candidate, Jobspage's custom forms can help you get the best fit. Depending on the position you are looking to hire for, you'll probably need more than a standardized application form. With Jobspage, you can create custom forms that enable applicants to highlight their abilities, skills, and experience, along with sharing contact information, cover letters, and more.

Easy Setup

With Jobspage, you can begin your next hiring process in as little as 30 seconds and finish setting up in less than five minutes. Sign up for Jobspage, set up your account, create a careers page, and begin posting jobs. It's that simple.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use tool designed to speed up your onboarding processes, Jobspage's process-driven HR tool makes it easy to get started. Jobspage allows you to track the progress of each candidate while making it easy and fast to find the perfect candidate for your organization. 

Cost-Effective Solution 

Jobspage’s transparent pricing plans make choosing the right plan for your organization straightforward. They offer a forever-free option that allows startups to post as many as three active job postings and a customizable careers page.

If you need more, you can choose between the Startup or Business plans. Starting at $29 a month and billed annually, the Startup plan offers as many as 10 active job postings, a customizable careers page, and custom application forms. You can even embed jobs directly on your website. 

For larger organizations, Jobspage’s Business plan is $79 a month, billed annually, and allows you to post as many as 20 active jobs, along with everything the Startup plan has to offer. 

More active job posts aren’t the only difference between the two paid plans. With Jobspage Business, you can remove Jobspage branding and replace it with your own branding. 

Find the Best Greenhouse Alternative with Better Solutions by Jobspage

At Jobspage, our HR software helps businesses of all sizes simplify their hiring processes. Our platform automates the onboarding, offboarding, and training processes by organizing job postings, application information, candidates, and new-hire contact information. While there are many competing software solutions available today, we are the most scalable and affordable solution, ideal for growing organizations.

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