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Data Scientist Job Description

Data Scientist Job Description

Job Brief:

We are searching for a skilled Data Scientist to join our growing team. The Data Scientist supports constructing strategic data-related decisions by analyzing, tracking, manipulating, internally reporting and managing data. This Data Scientist will function both as a high-level data analyst and as an expert consultant. The position will work with our clients to develop the right hypotheses/questions, using the appropriate skills/tools to derive the best information to address customer needs.


  1. Work as the lead data strategist, identifying and integrating new datasets to leverage through our product capabilities. 
  2. Collaborate with our engineering team to develop strategies and execute the development of data products.
  3. Translate unstructured problems into well-defined research or machine learning projects.
  4. Responsible for designing and implementing generalizable data-driven models for predicting outcomes.
  5. Develop, prototype, test, and validate models and algorithms.
  6. Run data queries.
  7. Work in a fast-paced environment with the product team to transfer new algorithms to firmware or cloud-based platforms.
  8. Work with a large number of data sets to solve complicated data analysis problems using statistical and machine learning approaches.
  9. Create mathematical models from various data types capable of giving the insight to create and improve the product.
  10. Test with new models, methods, and techniques for a better outcome.
  11. Present and communicate insights by applying best practice forms of analysis, storytelling, and data visualization.
  12. Comply with all Data Protection and ePrivacy legislation and report non-compliances to identify the Data Protection team.


  1. Must have a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or related disciplines.
  2. 5+ years of experience in data analysis and algorithms development.
  3. Solid experience with Python, MATLAB, or R.
  4. Experience with Tableau, SQL, and programming languages (i.e., Java/Python, SAS).
  5. Proven experience with statistical data analysis/modeling.
  6. Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases.
  7. Demonstrated ability to work and lead within a team-based project environment.
  8. Excellent analytical and time-management skills.
  9. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

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